About Us

The Inkpen Village Hall is a registered charity – number 300168.  The charity is funded entirely by the people, groups and events which use the village hall.

The Village Hall was given to the people of Inkpen and its immediate vicinity, specifically for their “physical and mental recreation, and social, moral, and intellectual development”.  All non-commercial Inkpen organisations have a stake in the village hall whether they use it regularly, or only for occasional fund-raising events, or not at all.

The hall is run by volunteers and is managed by a committee. The Village Hall Committee members also include the charity’s (unpaid) trustees.  The volunteers are always aiming to increase representation from Inkpen organisations in line with its charity objectives.  They encourage all the Inkpen clubs, societies and voluntary groups to appoint a representative to the committee who can then help with running the Hall.

The current committee is listed below – and also see Contacts for specific roles.  Chairman and Secretary roles are not permanently assigned but are taken by committee members on a rotation basis.

Village Hall Committee
Mark Bates Anne Wilson
Helen Bates Jean Rolfe
Lin Wilde Marie Waters
Dave Lester

There is a public Annual General Meeting which anyone can attend where the committee talks about the current state of the Hall.